Sun Water Spray in Bioplastic flacon

Do you think it's a dream to soak up the sun without suffering from the heat and having an enviable tan for as long as possible? It's definitely possible with Officina Naturae's Sun Water Spray, which has a refreshing effect while also being essential for achieving a uniform tan, thanks to the carrot and oat extracts. Never be without our Sun Water again when you're under the sun!


200 ml

  • Cosmos Natural
  • bio_sostenibile
  • Nickel Tested
  • vegan
  • bio_plastica
  • Made In Italy


Do you know what sun water is? It's a product that contains several active ingredients capable of refreshing, hydrating, and soothing the redness that can turn your tan into a nightmare! Our Sun Water Spray from the new onSUN line of sunscreens and after sun care products is precisely that: a product that contains a blend of organic extracts such as Carrot and Oat that alleviate the sensation of excessive heat during sun exposure and provide your body with a uniform, intense, and natural-looking tan, while also reducing the risk of unsightly skin spots.

Do not confuse this refreshing sun spray with a sunscreen because it does not contain sun filters. However, thanks to the organic extract of Aloe, it significantly helps to soothe skin irritation caused by sun exposure while maintaining hydration and softness.

If you want to achieve a beautiful golden tan without damaging your skin or the environment, choose a solar routine that also includes this product: all conscious products of the onSUN line have tested formulas that respect your health, as well as aquatic environments and its inhabitants. Additionally, the packaging of the Sun Water Spray is made from sugar cane bioplastic, a renewable resource with low environmental impact.

Some more information:

Were you thinking of creating your own homemade sun spray? The best sun spray is one that not only refreshes you and gives you a sense of well-being, like a DIY body mist can do, but also contains a balanced formula and carefully selected natural ingredients that slow down the process of cell oxidation.

In particular, organic Carrot extract, rich in Beta-carotene, helps reduce the formation of wrinkles and restore vitality to dry skin, while also stimulating tanning, which is essential for those who love a golden tan.

To maintain skin hydration, four special ingredients come into play: first, organic Oat extract, rich in starch, which forms a protective film on the skin upon contact with water, protecting it from dehydration caused by sun and salt; then there is organic Aloe extract, which restores hydration and soothes redness; Saccharide Isomerate, which immediately moisturizes the skin and keeps it feeling good for a long time; and finally, Erythrulose, a natural carbohydrate, which prolongs the duration of tanning naturally and keeps skin from becoming dry, resulting in a more even tan.

How to use the product

Using the sun water is easy: it is not a tanning product and does not have sun protection, but it can definitely help you withstand the heat while sunbathing or doing outdoor activities. Or use it whenever you feel like a refreshing sensation, but always shake it before use and avoid spraying it on your eyes, mouth, and nose.

If you love to wear makeup even in the sun, this Sun Water Spray is perfect because it is colorless. Always use it after applying a sunscreen, such as our SPF 50 Sun Fluid Cream.

Active principles

- Erythrulose: prolongs the tan, helps the skin stay hydrated.

- Organic Carrot Extract: antioxidant.

- Organic Oat Extract: moisturizing, ideal for dry and withered skin.

- Organic Aloe Extract: moisturizing, emollient, and soothing.

- Saccharide Isomerate: moisturizing and hydrating.


Aqua, Alcohol, Function: Solvente, conservante
Advantages: Disgrega lo sporco che verrà poi trascinato via dai tensioattivi.
Saccharide Isomerate, Daucus Carota Sativa Root Extract*, Avena Sativa Bran Extract*, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract*, Glycerin, Function: Ammorbidente, emolliente, antiridepositante
Advantages: Vegetale. Perfettamente ecocompatibile. Completamente e velocemente biodegradabile
Erythrulose, Citric Acid, Function: Acidificante
Advantages: Ingrediente di origine vegetale.Rimuove il calcare ed i residui di detersivo.
Sodium Citrate, Parfum, Geraniol, Advantages: Componente presente nella fragranza Limonene, Advantages: Componente presente nell’Olio Essenziale di Limone Linalool. Advantages: Componente presente nell’olio essenziale di Lavanda

*from organic farming

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