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Are you here because you are an aware consumer, sensitive to the environment, or because you like to self-produce detergents or cosmetics at home, according to your needs and using the ingredients that you like the most? Well, you are in the right place! We were born with the same desire to experiment and create products that are different from the traditional ones, so we encourage safe and simple self-production, for which there is no need for specific know-how.
Here you can find what's necessary to create DIY house detergents with few simple ingredients: you can make your own brightener or anti-limescale with citric acid, a multipurpose cleanser for glasses, or an antiparasitic for plants with the universal detergent. You can also find vegetable raw materials like Olipuri, which can be combined to create new recipes for the beauty of your face, body, and hair. You can obtain the same nourishing effect of a DIY conditioner, or the same moisturizing action of a DIY face cream, without having to improvise as a chemist!


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