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Look around and ask yourself if it is possible to live without plastic... the company is far from easy and today plastic is everywhere around us. Often it derives from oil, a non-renewable resource. It is recyclable but sometimes it ends up in landfills, incinerators or, worse still, dispersed in the environment: it pollutes the water and causes disasters, because it is mistaken for food by living beings.
What can you do to avoid it? Choose products with plastic free packaging! Like our solid cosmetics: here you will find the solid shower gel to take with you to the gym or the natural solid shampoo, accompanied by the solid nourishing conditioner, to put in the hand luggage of your travels by plane. In your beauty, then, you cannot miss a solid purifying face cleanser that respects the pH of the skin and does not pull like soap! There is no shortage of mini-sizes that become nice gift kits!
Then dream with us a world without plastic: it's not that impossible!


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