Oral Care

Your smile is "natural" if you choose oral care products that respect health and nature. For years Officina Naturae has been concerned with guaranteeing you a healthy mouth. The research then led us to create a complete Oral Care line consisting of Natural Mint, Lemon and Anise Gel Toothpastes, with Iceland Lichen and Zinc Citrate, and natural and organic mouthwashes, Mint and Lemon. To these low abrasion toothpastes, we add the Sensitive and Delicate Teeth Toothpaste, with soothing extracts. There are also Biricco children's toothpastes, in Strawberry, Cherry and Banana flavors.
The lines are completed by new ecological toothbrushes in the "Silver" version, for young and old, with a biodegradable handle from a renewable resource and soft antibacterial bristles impregnated with silver.

Oral Care

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