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Face care

Don't you like what you see while watching a selfie? Your face speaks for you! If you don't protect it and don't take care of your lifestyle, the consequences show off... Batten down the hatches!
Young skins may look oily or have impurities, so what's needed is a face cream for combination skin, like our Rebalancing. While, if you need a daily moisturizing face cream, soft and toning, you should get Daily Cream. To keep the beauty of a relaxed adult skin, use Renewing Serum as a base, then an anti-aging wrinkle cream (our Stop Age), and finally Nourishing Face Cream at night: they are all rich in vegetable extracts. Among many Olipuri, Argan oil is ideal for your skin to look even better. To gently remove make-up, use Cleansing Milk, nourish and moisturize your lips with Organic Lip Balm. You can find this latter even in its SPF 15 version, in addition to our Face Sunscreen Cream, to complete the protective action from the sun, preventing sunspots and aging. Choose the most suitable skincare routine for yourself!

Face care

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Soft Kit

CO.SO. Cosmetici Solidi

Soft Kit

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