Mint Tabs Mouthwash

A solid tablet mouthwash? Exists! It is the brand new plastic-free and bio-free mouthwash that Officina Naturae has created for your oral hygiene on airplanes, trekking and various stops away from home. Fresh, active, easy to use but above all very concentrated: it saves you up to 8 bottles of liquid mouthwash and could last you more than 3 months! Discover all the advantages.


40 g

  • Plastic-Free
  • Zero Waste
  • CCPB
  • bio_sostenibile
  • Nickel Tested
  • vegan
  • Made In Italy


Does knowing of the existence of a solid tablet mouthwash shock you like someone who claims that the Earth is flat? Perhaps this name is unknown to you, not because everyone calls it "mouthwash" and not "mouthwash", but because it is a new and innovative oral care product!
Officina Naturae Mint Solid Mouthwash is a tablet mouthwash that will revolutionize your oral care routine.
More than legitimate is the curiosity to know how to use it: just dissolve a tablet in a little water and then rinse as you do with a normal mouthwash.
So far everything simple, right? But where is the real revolution? Here she is:

  • it is super concentrated so much so that only 1 bottle of 95 tablets solid mouthwash saves you no less than 8 bottles of 250ml liquid mouthwash ... think about it, over 3 months, if you use it once a day!
  • the glass bottle and aluminum cap, without internal gasket, of this plastic-free mouthwash, allow you to separate the various packaging parts and recycle them easily;
  • it is perfect in a bag, or in hand luggage, because there is no risk of liquid loss;
  • it is useful for a deeper cleansing after meals or at any other time of the day, for always fresh breath and mouth.

In fact, each effervescent tablet releases a surprising freshness that you will experience for a long time! It will become indispensable in your every daily oral hygiene gesture, always with the awareness of using solid, plastic free and zero waste products, which, first of many, we have created for you!

Some more information:

Mint essential oil and organic menthol not only provide a wonderful sensation of freshness in the mouth, but are ingredients that help prevent and treat problems related to plaque and tartar, keeping the mouth and gums healthy.
Even in the mouthwash in tablets, as well as in Officina Naturae solid toothpastes, the hydroxyapatite guarantees a natural remineralization of the dental enamel.
Sodium Bicarbonate, on the other hand, is the ingredient that, in combination with Citric Acid, generates effervescence, causing the tablet to dissolve in contact with water.The perfect balance of these and other ingredients present in the formula does not alter the balance, on the contrary, it maintains the correct pH of the mouth, counteracting acidity, which causes tooth decay and problems.
Also for this solid mouthwash we have excluded fluoride, dyes or synthetic flavors, ingredients with controversial use, which a consumer attentive to their health and the environment would like to avoid.

How to use the product

If you are puzzling to understand how to use a mouthwash in tablets, don't worry, it is normal, if you have so far used a liquid mouthwash bottled in plastic.
Create your moment of freshness like this:
1. Dissolve 1 tablet completely in 20 ml of water (about 2 tablespoons);
2. When it stops fizzing, sip the solution and rinse for 2 minutes, taking care to pass it well between the teeth and all parts of the mouth, without swallowing;
3. Now you can spit out the mouthwash, without rinsing further with water.
You will feel that cool!
How often should Mint Mouthwash Tablets be used? The ideal is once a day, after brushing your teeth with toothpaste, but you can use it whenever you feel the need for a fresh breath.
The tablets are very sensitive to moisture, so keep the solid mouthwash by keeping the bottle tightly closed in a dry place and avoiding contact with water.
Recycle the paper box, the glass bottle and the aluminum cap, differentiating them in their respective collections.
The action of Mint Solid Mouthwash is certainly enhanced by the constant and daily use of Mint Toothpaste in Tablets, with the same active ingredients, beneficial for your natural smile!

Active principles

- Organic menthol: refreshing, antiseptic.

- Peppermint essential oil: balsamic, anesthetic.

- Hydroxyapatite: helps remineralization and protection of dental enamel.


Sodium Bicarbonate, Oryza Sativa Starch*, Citric Acid, Function: Acidificante
Advantages: Ingrediente di origine vegetale.Rimuove il calcare ed i residui di detersivo.
Calcium carbonate, Sorbitol, Tartaric acid, Magnesium Stearate, Menthol*, Mentha Piperita Oil, Hydroxyapatite, Limonene, Advantages: Componente presente nell’Olio Essenziale di Limone Linalool. Advantages: Componente presente nell’olio essenziale di Lavanda

*from organic farming

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