What a beard Gift Box

Make things easier for those who proudly wear a beard with a gift that will make them happy: the What a Beard Gift Box, a gift idea with two products for a beauty treatment for face and beard, natural and sustainable, because in one package 100% recyclable and plastic free! And his beard will be healthy and perfect!

  • Hand Made
  • Zero Waste
  • bio_sostenibile
  • Nickel Tested
  • vegan
  • Made In Italy


Do you know anyone who wears a beard? Surely he carries it with the pride of a knight or a king of yesteryear! But how much dedication and passion will you dedicate to having it so well looked after? A lot! Then make sure that your dedicated routine is a pleasure and not ... a beard! Give the Che Barba Gift Box, from the CO.SO. Men’s Collection, which includes:

Yes you read that right! Both products are solid and each contained in 100% recyclable FSC paper and aluminum packaging. What is the benefit of having solid products, instead of the classic bottles of liquid or fluid cosmetics? Each solid product is equivalent to 150 ml of the traditional product! Plus, solids are certainly more practical to take anywhere and take up little space! In short, a great advantage!
Finally, even the beautiful box, ideal for a refined gift, is made of fully recyclable cardboard.
A perfect gift for those who love not only taking care of their beard but doing it with conscious and natural products like these.

Some more information:

Beard wearers are well aware of that unpleasant sensation of a not perfectly clean beard. Unpleasant odors that can form due to smog, dust, food, cigarettes, etc. they only go away if you use an effective cleanser like ours for face and beard, which contains Bitter Orange extract. In addition, the organic Red Grape extract moisturizes the skin, while the Mango Butter leaves the beard soft. The detergent also eliminates the "yellow" effect thanks to the Charcoal and Indigo contained in the formula.
The Solid Balm also contains Mango Butter: not only the beard, but also the underlying skin, are even softer and more hydrated. Furthermore, Calendula oil alleviates irritation and itching, while Jojoba oil helps the skin get rid of excessive sebum. To have the maximum of natural ingredients, the Conditioner does not contain silicones, dyes or synthetic fragrances.

How to use the product

To thoroughly cleanse the beard, moisten the face with warm water and gently massage the cleanser, starting from the root to the tip of the beard hair. After a few minutes the soft foam should always be rinsed with warm water.
After use, it is necessary to allow the beard and face cleanser to dry well before closing it in its aluminum box, so the Compostable Soap Holder is perfectly suited for this purpose.
With a buffered face and dry beard, the conditioner can be used to soften it (it is not suitable for styling). Just put a small amount in the palm of your hand, then rub, to barely heat the conditioner, and always distribute it from the root to the tips. It is not necessary to rinse.

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