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We were born on Rimini beaches, so who better than us to study a line of bio sunscreens, certified as Eco Bio Cosmetics by ICEA?

Years of experience and tourists' burned backs allowed us to formulate what we consider the best sunscreen ever, made with only mineral and vegetable filters and Italian organic Quince extract, which has a strong emollient effect.

Three degrees of protection: medium protection SPF 15 Sunscreen, medium protection SPF 30 Sunscreen, and high protection SPF 50 Sunscreen allow you to safely expose yourself to the sunlight, thanks to the lack of perfumes and essential oils, which avoid sensitization and allergic reaction.

Obviously, none of our bio sunscreens, including the two airless boxes (Crema Solare Viso SPF 15 and Crema Solare Baby SPF 50), contains chemical filters, parabens, or silicones.

After the exposure to the sun, salt, or pool chlorine, do you feel your hair getting dry and "unmanageable" and your skin "arid" and wishful for hydration? When your body needs some help, use our natural cosmetics that moisturize, refresh, and cleanse your skin. Aftersun Shampoo is perfect for removing the salt from your hair and, if you use it together with Aftersun Conditioner, it gives structure and volume to your damaged hair. 

Aftersun Body Wash washes away salt and chlorine, keeping intact your cherished tan. While After Sun Fluid Cream is an actual panacea to your reddened skin that needs hydration: thanks to a precious gel obtained from Italian Prickly Pear pads and rich in essential active ingredients, this cream will give life back to your skin, stressed by a day under the sun!

All products are dermatologically and nickel tested.

We love the sun, and with Solari di Rimini we love it even more!

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