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Sustainable Toothbrush

You have to replace the toothbrush every three months: an essential accessory for daily use, which must first and foremost be effective and safe. An eco-sustainable toothbrush is even better, because not only does it not damage your teeth and gums but also respects the environment! For this you can dispose of it with a light heart in the unsorted collection.
The Officina Naturae eco-sustainable toothbrush has a handle in biodegradable material, cellulose acetate, therefore, from a renewable resource. It is not made from petroleum-derived plastic, so it is more sustainable! You can find it in two different versions: the ecological "silver" toothbrush, for adults and children, has soft external bristles in castor oil and central bristles impregnated with silver, with an antibacterial function; the ecological whitening toothbrush has medium bristles coated with calcium carbonate, which reduces stains and yellowing of the dental enamel.
All 100% hygienic and safe, because they do not develop mold and bacteria.

Sustainable Toothbrush

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