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Natural Toothpaste for Kids

What's more beautiful than a children's smile? Perhaps nothing, so it must be protected with a natural toothpaste for children, right from the moment the first teeth appear. For your child there are natural and ecological toothpastes certified by the Biricco line, which Officina Naturae has created especially for the little ones. The delicious flavors Strawberry, Cherry and Banana will help him brush his teeth more willingly!
A good eco-friendly toothpaste for children must be designed for baby teeth and the delicate gums of children, it must be low-abrasive, so that it does not damage the enamel and does not irritate the gums. Officina Naturae's natural baby toothpaste has all these characteristics, moreover, and contains organic extracts with recognized soothing properties such as those of Italian Quince and Chamomile. Other organic extracts present according to the three formulas are Mallow, Blueberry and Marigold.
Our eco-friendly toothpastes for children are without fluoride, SLS / SLES and dyes, for greater safety during use.

Natural Toothpaste for Kids

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