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Natural Intimate Cleanser

If you love nature in the depths of your heart and everything you surround yourself with comes from nature, your daily hygiene routine will be natural too. For natural intimate hygiene, choose a natural intimate cleanser among those that Officina Naturae has created for every need. Is your intimate area hypersensitive and often itching or burning? Ours are all delicate intimate cleansers, because they use gentle surfactants from natural raw materials, but the ultra-delicate version, without perfume, is the most suitable for frequent washing that does not irritate. Then there is the organic intimate cleanser, enriched with organic plant extracts with calming and soothing properties, such as Mallow, Calendula and Chamomile, a real caress for the most delicate area of ​​the body! A natural intimate soap for the whole family? We have it! It is in the large format: a 4-liter bioplastic tank, to refill the smaller bottle and thus avoid the consumption of plastic, saving you money. Natural in the intimate and ecological!

Natural Intimate Cleanser

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