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Body Wash

The day starts well with an energizing shower and ends best with a relaxing bath. But if you don't use the right products, your skin may experience dryness, flaking and irritation. Officina Naturae has created a natural shower gel for every need.
Let yourself be enveloped by the soft foam of the certified eco-friendly bubble baths of the Innovattivi line! A few drops are enough, the formula is very concentrated and contains surfactants among the most delicate plants with a stimulating or antioxidant action, extracts that leave the skin smooth and toned. The same washing principle characterizes the delicate shower gel, of the fragrance-free and extract-free line, proof against dermatitis and allergies. Delicacy is also the watchword of our traditional or solid shower gel for children. In fact, if you are moving towards zero waste products, choose our natural shower gels in solid form, also perfect for traveling.

Body Wash

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Soft Kit

CO.SO. Cosmetici Solidi

Soft Kit

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