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Kit Summer Body Care SPF 50

The "top" of protection for you and your children

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This is not just a kit but an invitation to spend the holidays with your children sunbathing without risk for you and without crying due to painful burns!

For your very clear skin or not yet tanned and for the delicate skin of children, the Kit Summer Body Care SPF 50 by Officina Naturae, with the organic sun cream, which protects against UVA and UVB rays, and the best after sun, and the ideal to have always at hand on holiday. It contains:

- Sunscreen SPF 50 High Protection - 100 ml

- After Sun Body Wash - 150 ml

- After Sun Fluid - 150 ml

Always take them with you, in the practical organza bag, which is also useful as a gift box: you can take them wherever you want, to the sea, the lake, camping and use them without worrying about your environmental footprint, because they are conscious products, as they have sustainable formulas, which do not contain chemical filters, parabens and SLS or SLES.

Some more information:

One thing you absolutely need to know is that sunscreen SPF 50, is a certified ecobio cream because it contains only mineral filters, considered the best solution for the marine environment. It does not contain perfume, to ensure safety to those suffering from allergies, and prevents skin aging thanks to plant and organic extracts of quince, Argan, Flax, Mallow, Calendula and Jojoba.

The ingredients that, instead, make the After Sun Body Wash, a real cure-all for the skin that has been exposed to the sun, are the extract of Sicilian Prickly Pear and Allantoin that ensure a cool wellness in the shower and leave the skin soft and hydrated, without removing the tan.

You can prolong the relief given by Prickly Pear to your reddened skin, with the After Sun Fluid, which also contains coconut oil and organic Argan oil that leave the skin toned, soft and well nourished.

How to use the product

Remember not to neglect any part of the body, spread the sunscreen in the right amount, so as not to leave white patina. Apply it after bathing and several times during the day. Don’t stay too long in the sun and avoid the hottest hours while keeping babies and young children away from direct sunlight. Refresh yourself with a shower gently massaging with a sponge after sun bath. Then massage the After Sun Fluid, preferably with the skin still damp.

Also ideal for plane trips, sunscreen SPF 50 is also available in the practical 50 ml airless bottle, in the High Protection Mini-kit.

Active principles

- Organic Quince extract: in sunscreen, emollient and soothing.
- Prickly Pear extract: in the after sun body wash it has a moisturizing, soothing and emollient action.
- Argan oil: moisturizing and toning.

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