LemonYellow Mini-Kit

The YellowLemon Mini-Kit, with lemon-flavored solid toothpaste and biodegradable mini-toothbrush, will be essential for you not to give up oral hygiene outside the home: keep it in the office, put it in your bag, but also in your luggage on the plane!

  • CCPB
  • bio_sostenibile
  • Nickel Tested
  • vegan
  • Made In Italy


When you are at school, in the office or on the go, it is easy to neglect dental hygiene! Eat quickly and your last thought is the food residues that remain between tooth and tooth for hours, favoring the formation of plaque. It then becomes difficult to remove, turning into tartar, bad breath and tooth decay! Do not give up the well-being of your teeth outside the home, the YellowLimone Officina Naturae Mini-Kit can help you!
It is a set of eco-sustainable products to brush your teeth in a natural way, with the pleasant Lemon flavor, enclosed in a small clutch in natural fabric:

  • Lemon Tabs Toothpaste
  • Eco-sustainable Silver Mini-Toothbrush

Ideal for you or as a men's gift box (he really likes the Lemon fragrance!). As a gift idea, those who love to always carry conscious and natural cosmetics with them, free of substances such as fluoride, dyes, triclosan, and SLS / SLES, but also with a completely zero waste packaging!

Some more information:

Completely plastic-free and recyclable is the package of certified organic toothpaste in 115 tablets which helps prevent the formation of plaque thanks to the essential oil of Lemon, with antiseptic and balsamic properties. It is suitable for homeopathic treatments. It contains Hydroxyapatite, a valuable aid to repair the micro-lesions of the dental enamel.
The small size of the “Silver” toothbrush makes it a comfortable travel toothbrush but quite effective and delicate because it has soft castor oil bristles. The central ones, on the other hand, help fight plaque, because they are coated in silver. The handle is made of cellulose acetate, a renewable and biodegradable material.
The "Bring With Me" clutch bag, in washable natural fabric, small and light and Made in Italy, contains everything.

How to use the product

Take the kit with you, in your bag or suitcase, wherever you go. Practice your daily dental hygiene routine, without giving up natural products. Use solid toothpaste and a toothbrush after each meal, as you usually do, as directed by your dentist or hygienist. Unlike traditional toothpaste, just chew the toothpaste tablet first and then brush with the wet toothbrush to clean your teeth with an effective foam.
If you love an even fresher flavor, opt for the PureMint Mini-kit version.
Recycle the toothpaste box, bottle, and cap in their respective collections of paper, glass, and lightweight metallic packaging. Like any toothbrush, also dispose of this kit in the unsorted collection.

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