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Gift Box Orange Solid Dishwashing

Revolutionize the kitchen with a plastic-free box

  • Plastic-Free
  • Hand Made
  • bio_sostenibile
  • Nickel Tested
  • vegan
  • Made In Italy


There is a sustainable plastic-free way of washing the dishes: if you have already tried it, you can introduce it to anyone who loves nature like you. 

This is the purpose of Gift Box Piatti Solido Arancio, a gift kit designed for those who don't want plastic bottles in the kitchen, both to save space and waste less. This kit is contained in a decorated cardboard package, which includes:

  • Solara Orange Solid Dishwashing - 180 g
  • Dish Brush - made of plant fiber and wood 
  • CO.SO. Holder - compostable

Some more information:

How is Solara Orange Solid Dishwashing done? It seems a soap but it is an actual ecological water-free dish detergent. This solid product replaces up to 2 detergent bottles of 1 liter. Indeed, it is very concentrated and, taking just a small amount with Spazzola per Piatti or an ordinary sponge, it can be used for at least 200 washes! Besides, it can last even longer with Solid holder. 

Characterized by a delicate fragrance of sweet Orange, it degreases the oiliest dishes and pans, eliminating bad smells, but, at the same time, it leaves the hands soft due to its delicate ingredients.
The best result is obtained thanks to the resistant and long-lasting Tampico fiber of the Dish Brush: the handle is made of beechwood, so this brush is 100% natural and biodegradable. Neither nonstick pans nor delicate surfaces will be affected by its action!

The kit includes an essential accessory for perfect drying, the innovative Holder made of PLA, obtained from plants and compostable, realized in Italy through 3D printing.

Gift Box Orange Solid Dishwashing is consistent with a zero-waste lifestyle, for anyone who wants to say "no to plastic" and "yes to aware and eco-friendly products"!

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