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Gift Box Sensitive Skin

Give wellness to delicate skin.

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  • no_parfum
  • bio_sostenibile
  • Nickel Tested
  • vegan
  • Made In Italy


The skin is one of the most delicate and fragile organs of our body because it's more exposed to atmospheric agents in every season. Besides, we daily put on our skin products that contain a myriad of ingredients of all sorts, that are usually petrochemical and sometimes too aggressive. So we should pay more attention to it. 

Today, there is a special wellness gift box, that you can buy either for yourself if you have delicate skin, extremely sensitive to most of the skincare products, or as a gift to anyone having this kind of problem. It is our Gift Box Pelle Sensibile, a decorated box with: 

  • Ultragentle Shampoo 250 ml 
  • Ultragentle Body Wash 250 ml 
  • Deo CO.SO. Neutral 50 ml

Some more information:

All three products have delicate and natural ingredients and are scentless, therefore ideal for those who don't really like fragrances or prefer avoiding them not to risk skin irritation. Indeed, they are suitable for people suffering from dermatitis, allergies, or multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS).

Furthermore, it is a perfect gift kit for those who love aware cosmetics that respect both the skin and the environment, since these products' formulae are 100% sustainable, and do not contain sulfates, parabens, thickener, or synthetic conditioning agents. 

The scalp is the neediest of delicacy because it frequently gets irritated and itchy. Ultragentle Shampoo is indicated for all hair types: it contains surfactants with elevated skin compatibility, so it washes the hair gently, leaving it soft and clean. It can be used daily and reduces the risk of allergies. 

Ultragentle Body Wash is the right remedy for delicate skin that tends to allergies: it respects its hydrolipidic layer and leaves the skin soft and smooth. Like the shampoo, it is formulated with highly skin-compatible surfactants, so it's suitable for frequent use. 

At the end of a relaxing bath, Deo CO.SO. Neutral is the perfect addition: a solid natural deodorant, designed with our exclusive impalpable Bicarbonate. It is scentless and doesn't irritate because it isn't grainy like any other Bicarbonate. The Hamamelis extract and Triethyl Citrate regulate the sweat, without blocking the natural perspiration. It doesn't contain aluminum salts or alcohol.

How to use the product

Shampoo and Body Wash are very concentrated: a few drops on your hand or sponge are enough to create a soft foam, which can be easily rinsed later.

Also for the deodorant, you need just a small amount on the armpits, which can be applied with fingers or a small spatula. It has to be stored in a cool place, well-closed in its aluminum container.

If you like this gift kit, then take a look at our Gift Box Ultragentle, which includes all four products of the Ultragentleline, among which the conditioner and intimate soap. 

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