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Gift Box CO.SO. Pure Vanity

Show off and spread natural beauty!

  • Plastic-Free
  • Hand Made
  • bio_sostenibile
  • Nickel Tested
  • vegan
  • Made In Italy


Anyone can show his natural beauty in his own way: you don't need to look flashy, but you have to take care of your body and face with products that highlight them. If you agree with us, then make a gift to yourself, or to anyone you want, with our Gift Box CO.SO. Pure Vanity! 

It is a beauty box composed of two solid cosmetics of the CO.SO. line and a plastic-free accessory, all contained in a beautifully decorated package: 

  • Purifying Solid Face Cleanser CO.SO. 50 g
  • Loofah Holder
  • Deo CO.SO. Vanity 50 ml

Some more information:

Make the beauty of your face shine every day with Purifying Solid Face Cleanser CO.SO., which is suitable for combination skin with some impurities, and it is non-aggressive at the same time!

After that, emphasize your dreamy personality with Deo CO.SO. Vanity's scented notes of Coconut and Vanilla. This solid cream deodorant has a pleasant and light texture, and its efficacy lasts the entire day. 

As well as Loofah Holder CO.SO., essential to support Purifying Solid Face Cleanser CO.SO., both these two aware products have a totally plastic-free packaging (cardboard for the face cleanser, an aluminum jar for the deodorant), they last for a long time and help you eliminate plastic from your daily routine.

Purifying Solid Face Cleanser's formula has a specific pH for the facial skin. That's why, after using, your skin will not feel tight. Besides, Blackberry and Apple organic extracts have a slightly astringent action, which helps to keep the skin cleaned and smooth.

To lay your face cleanser and keep it dry, use Loofah, a long-lasting and resistant sponge obtained from plants: ours is 100% made in Italy, cut by hand, sun-dried, and not treated with bleaching agents. 

Deo CO.SO is a bio deodorant, which takes advantage of impalpable Bicarbonate, Hamamelis extract, and Triethyl Citrate's actions: it controls perspiration without blocking it, doesn't irritate the skin, and eliminate bad smell. It respects your skin and the environment as well, because it is free of aluminum salts or alcohol. To make it even more eco-friendly, its formula is devoid of additives, dyes, or synthetic perfumes. 

How to use the product

Wash your face with the soft foam that forms when you rub the moist face cleanser in your hands. Gently massage and then rinse. 

After washing your face, lay your cleanser on Luffa, so that it stays away from water and dries completely. 

If your daily routine includes our natural deodorant as well, learn how to dose Deo CO.SO: at the beginning, take a small amount from the aluminum jar and apply on armpits, then adjust the quantity according to your needs. 

Be careful not to leave your solid cream deodorant close to heat sources or open.

Also, Purifying Solid Face Cleanser, once dry, can be stored in the practical CO.SO. Tin, made of recycled and recyclable Italian aluminum.

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