From sugar cane to bottle: 3 good reasons to choose bioplastic

What’s the connection between a good cup of coffee sweetened with brown sugar and a bottle of detergent from Officina Naturae?
It may seem strange but there is a very thin thread between these two seemingly unrelated things: it is precisely the cane sugar, now increasingly preferred to white sugar.

How to use the solid beard shampoo

Wearing beard, today, it’s a lifestyle. Beard no longer gives a shabby look, quite the opposite, it marks the personality, the mood of the moment, the personal style. You can wear it short ( the three-days beard), medium-long and long (hipster style), shape it or reduce it to just a goatee. The important thing is to always have it in place. If you are wondering how to have an well-finished beard, we suggest you to start from its hygiene.

Which sunscreen choose: what you need to know

Who doesn’t like to be kissed by the sun? If you love the tan or the sun just makes you feel good, you must always protect your skin with the best sunscreen!
The effects of the sun can be harmful, both in the immediate, with sunburn and dry skin, and in the long term, with wrinkles and sunspots, up to the risk of appearance of skin tumors.
That’s why it should not be neglected!

The awarded Solid Cosmetics CO.SO. in 2020

When we created the CO.SO. Solid Cosmetics, we never imagined that, after just one year of marketing, two of these cosmetics would be awarded! For us it was an unexpected recognition but it gratified us for all our efforts in persevering along a path already underway: the reduction of packaging waste.