Handcrafted Shaving Brush N°10

Our Artisan Shaving Brush is handmade in Italy, and has the handle worked in fine olive wood, which makes each piece unique. The bristles of the beard brush, in high quality vegan hypoallergenic fiber, are hygienic, very flexible and soft, to obtain a dense and creamy foam. It cleans and dries quickly. Our natural shaving brush is the ideal accessory for your shave!

  • bio_sostenibile
  • vegan
  • Made In Italy


With our artisan shaving brush, your morning awakening will have a completely different flavor!
If the moment of shaving seems to you just a monotonous habitual gesture, see it this way: it can be a daily opportunity to make the skin of the face pleasant and soft, to restore elasticity and new light! To achieve this you need not only a good soap to shave, but also the right accessory, such as the Artisan Shaving Brush No. 10 from the CO.SO. Men’s Collection.
It is not a simple beard brush but an artisanal and high quality shaving brush, entirely handmade in Italy. What makes it so special? First of all, the handle in precious olive wood: the essence of the olive tree has always different shades that create beautiful veins, this makes each brush a unique piece!
In addition, the completely vegan bristles are very flexible and soft, ideal for whipping up a thick and creamy foam, with your favorite solid shaving soap, or for gently applying shaving spray foam to the skin.
These high quality bristles simulate those of the badger shaving brush but are made of a special hypoallergenic fiber, which makes it easier to maintain the handcrafted shaving brush.
Officina Naturae has always been concerned with consciously selecting cruelty free materials for its products, which is why we have chosen to avoid animal bristles for our vegan shaving brush, sure to meet your sensitivity.

Some more information:

For its special bristles, which require little maintenance. These bristles last much longer than a classic badger shaving brush, as they are more durable.
The bristles are made of a very fine quality of synthetic fiber called "Krex", which is specifically designed and created to obtain an ecological shaving brush. The color of this fiber is similar to the natural silver of the badger (Silvertip). It has a very flexible and soft structure and a fine tip, which gives a velvety effect. This is why it allows you to quickly and easily create a foam with a dense and creamy consistency.
Furthermore, due to their composition, these fibers are more suitable for avoiding the formation of bacteria, mold and bad odors. They are, therefore, more hygienic, easy to clean, dry in half the time, compared to traditional animal hair, and they save you in the amount of soap, requiring half the time.

How to use the product

We give you some indications to explain this shaving brush to you how to use it. Follow this routine:

  • in the morning, immediately after waking up, when your face is still relaxed, cleanse it with warm or hot water, in order to allow the pores to dilate and the hair to become softer. You can help your skin eliminate dirt and dead cells also with the help of our Solid Beard and Face Cleanser;
  • use our Solid Shaving Soap by rotating the Shaving Brush in the same aluminum package as the soap or in a bowl, to whip up the soft foam and apply it on the skin with a gentle massage, so that the beard retains water well and softens.
  • finally passes the razor over his face.

This simple habit will help you shave without irritating the skin, while also avoiding the formation of those annoying hairs under the skin that can create boils and small infections.
You can wash the brush with plain lukewarm water and let it dry easily standing up or upside down: it will dry faster than ordinary brushes!
How long does a shaving brush last? Our brush will last you much longer than traditional animal bristle brushes.
When the bristles are damaged, separate the bristles from the handle to be able to dispose of them in the undifferentiated collection. You can cut the handle into pieces to dispose of it in the waste collection or take it to the wood collection centers in your city.

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